Our preference is that documents are sent to us electronically by email however any document can be sent to us by hand delivery, post and facsimile (see contact us for details).

For adjudication matters, all documentation submitted in support of an application by a party is available for collection by that party after the determination is finalised.  If papers are not reclaimed they are destroyed after the expiry of thirty days (30) following the date of the determination.


If you send documents by email it is suggested the document size in each email is kept to less than 10Mb in size.  If there are more than one email it would be appreciated that the emails are numbered in the title (eg NSW Application SmithGroup Email 1 of 5).

Very Large Files

Very large documents can be sent by using our Cloud Receipt Process. This is a locked box type procedure to deliver files to our company's owned storage facility in the cloud.  Please give us a ring or send us an email between 9am and 3pm advising us that you wish to use this facility and we will help you step through the process.  


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